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A 12-Month Gap in My Japanese Garden Outings
Monday 7 March 2016   —   Category: Miscellaneous
Back in March 2015 I decided to be­come a member of the Japanese Garden, as part of my effort to get more in­ten­tion­al about discovering and ex­plor­ing that metropolis 75 miles to the north, Portland, Oregon. Furthermore, I de­te­rmined to visit the Garden, camera in hand, once a month for the entire twelve months of my membership, capturing images of the Garden’s chang­ing appearance through the months and seasons.

Things got off to a good start with my first visit in March, when I was also testing my new pocket camera. But by my third visit in May I was desperately seeking inspiration at the Japanese Garden, and wondering how I was going to endure nine more outings! On my fifth visit in July I had a disappointing evening at the Japanese Garden, but had a better evening experience in August at their annual O-Bon Festival.

By this time I had gone on photo outings to the Japanese Garden six months in a row, and was looking forward to seeing what the place looked like in autumn and winter. And I must confess that I was also looking forward to finishing this exercise and putting it behind me. The Garden’s limited 5.5 acres were def­i­nite­ly getting tedious to photograph over and over again. Once my membership ex­pired at the end of February 2016, I would not be renewing it ... been there, done that, twelve times over!

But my plans were suddenly changed when the Japanese Garden announced that they would be closing for six months for major renovations, starting the day after Labor Day 2015. That time period was exactly the last half of my one-year membership. They sent me an e-mail explaining that my membership would be extended, and would be reactivated once the Garden opened again in March 2016.

The problem was, I had already pho­to­graphed the Garden during the months of March through August. In order to com­plete my project of taking pictures there once a month for an entire year, I needed to start again in Sep­tem­ber, not in March. So I contacted them, explained my situation, and they agreed to adjust my membership to continue from Sep­tem­ber 2106 through February 2017.

In the end, this arrangement works out quite nicely for me. Because I was get­ting fed up taking photos at the Garden each month, a one-​year break was ac­tu­al­ly quite welcome. And when I start visiting again this coming Sep­tem­ber, there will be whole new sections of the Japanese Garden which I have never seen or photographed before. Definitely a win-​win situation!

So, in summary, I am planning on fin­ish­ing my twelve-month project — it has merely been postponed by an additional twelve months. In the meantime you can check out my previous Japanese Garden articles and browse my six albums of photos taken at the Garden. When autumn rolls around, there will be new articles and photos to enjoy ... see you then!

The saga continues with Resuming My Monthly Japanese Garden Photo Outings.
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 524
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