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Portland’s Annual Sand in the City
Thursday 11 February 2016   —   Category: Outings
In Portland, Oregon, there are quite a number of annual events held during the summer months. On July 18, 2015, after attending the 63rd annual Portland Highland Games in the eastern suburb of Gresham, I headed to Pioneer Courthouse Square in downtown Portland for the 20th annual Sand in the City.

For this sandy three-day event far away from the ocean, twelve teams each created a sand sculpture within their own 12 by 16 foot space. The sculptures were made the day before I attended, and the day after one could watch them being destroyed. During my visit the sculptures were available for viewing and photography.

It was interesting, but in the end there was not a whole lot to see. It might have been more interesting to see the sculptures being created, or destroyed! During my short 20-minute stay I took 53 pictures, with the best 31 on display in the new Portland Sand in the City 2015 album.

Been there, done that — probably won’t go again. But at least it was a worthwhile photo op while I was already in the city.
UPDATE: Just a couple of weeks after posting this article, I found out that 2015 was probably the last time this event would be held. For all the details check out: No more sand castles in downtown Portland: 20-year Sand in the City event gets washed away.
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 517
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Brian's Photo Blog — Article 517
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