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My Very Own Portland 2016 Calendar
Tuesday 12 January 2016   —   Category: Printing
In my last article I mentioned some cooking equipment which I was given for Christmas. On item that was on my Amazon wish list which I did not receive was a 2016 calendar. Unfortunately, the one I had wanted had gone quickly out of print.

In the past I had made a few custom calendars on, but they were kind of spendy. Currently, their medium-​sized 8½ by 11 inch calendar is going for $20.95 plus $6.99 shipping. While it is gratifying to see my own photos on a calendar all year, I’m just not ready to pay $28 for the priviledge.

In more recent years I have been en­joy­ing beautiful yet reasonably-priced Audubon calendars from Amazon.

Last month I discovered that the Costco Photo Center (CPC) is selling the same-​sized 8½ by 11 inch calendar for only $8.99 — and there is no shipping fee if I pick it up in the store. Therefore I de­cid­ed to give it a try, using the large supply of appealing photos I took in Portland during 2015.

I picked twelve of my favorite Portland pictures and uploaded them to the CPC Web site. Once I had arrange all the images to my satisfaction, I flipped through their preview of the calendar, and everything looked great, as you can see from the left-hand April preview to the right.

But when the printed calendar arrived, I was very disappointed. There was an ugly, half-inch white border around the picture for each month, and the calendar grid was shrunken in size, with a lot of wasted white space around it — as you can see from the right-hand April preview to the right.

There is a large discrepancy between what Costco showed me I was going to get, and what I actually got. I was expecting my calendar to look like the preview, and that is what I wanted.

So I e-mailed Costco customer service, and told them that either they printed my calendar incorrectly, or else they are guilty of false advertising. They asked me to take a picture of the calendar (shown to the right) so that they could see what I was talking about. In the end, after four days of going back and forth, they ultimately replied:

“Please be advised that the white border that surrounds the 8.5” x 11” Classic Calendar is by default, so you will receive it with a border. If you wish to not have a border, you may select the 11.5” x 14” Premium Calendar.”

Sheesh! Just to get rid of the white borders, they want me to pay $18 (double the price) for a larger calendar! But when I look at the online samples of Costco’s smaller Classic Calendar, they do not show white borders at all. I really think this is a case of false advertising.

I am very disillusioned over this whole affair. My potentially-beautiful calendar was spoiled by Costco’s ugly white borders. Their online previews and samples are inaccurate. Their product description does not mention the white borders. And their only solution is to pay twice as much for a larger calendar.

Well, I’ve got a whole year to decide if I want to pony up for the $18 Costco calendar, or simply go back to the Audubon or other calendars on Amazon. Right now I don’t feel inclined to give Costco my calendar business.
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 510
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