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Brats In Blankets
Saturday 26 December 2015   —   Category: Cooking & Food
Brats in blankets?

What is that?

Nap time at a preschool?

Are you kidding? I’m not talking about those kind of brats!

I’m talking about Johnsonville bratwursts ... wrapped in pretzel-​dough blankets.

I’m talking about food!
During the past few months I have tried various recipes from Andrea Slonecker’s cookbook Pretzel Making at Home. See these previous articles for all the details: Her book explains two different ways to wrap a sausage in pretzel dough. Last month I tried the method of winding a long strand of dough around a bratwurst. This month I used the other technique, which I will detail in the rest of this article.
When I started preparing the meal, the attractive winter lighting caught my eye. Here are three glorious Johnsonville bratwursts basking in the early-​morning light shining through the kitchen window.
After I had made a full batch of pretzel dough, I took a one-​eighth portion (about 87g) of rolled out to about six inches in diameter. Andrea instructed to make the shape rectangular, but that was too much bother, so I just went with round.
Then I cut the pretzel “blanket” in half.
Next I took half of a bratwurst and placed it at one end of a half-​piece of pretzel dough. Then I simply started rolling the sausage up in the “blanket.”
In the middle of the rolling, I moistened the remaining one-third end of the dough with a bit of water so that the dough would stick together during the rest of the process.
Here are the resulting six “brats in pretzel blankets” sitting on a floured baking sheet, ready for proofing.

Instead of cutting the bratwursts in half, I could have used bigger pieces of dough to wrap entire sausages. But I preferred a larger quantity of smaller portions.
I still had enough dough left over to make five traditional soft pretzels. For more details of the process, see my article Making Pretzels At Home.
Here the six “brats in pretzel blankets” sit on a baking sheet after their lye bath, ready for baking.
After about eight minutes in a 500°F oven, they come out a beautiful golden brown.
This cute little “brat in a pretzel blanket” is ready to be eaten!
For the final shot I cut the “blanket brat” in half so you can see the sausage inside.

Wonderful homemade sauces to serve with this include:
The Pretzel Making At Home cookbook has many more recipes which I have not had time to try this year. It will be interesting to see what kind of pretzel adventures I have in the kitchen during 2016.
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 505
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