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Aebleskivers — A Family Christmas Tradition
Friday 25 December 2015   —   Category: Cooking & Food
Aebleskivers have been a Christmas tradition in my family ever since I was little and my dad brought home an aebleskiver pan with a broken handle that he got free at work. It didn’t take too long for my aunt and grandma to join my mom as proud owners of their own aebleskiver pans.

Even though my family is not Danish, still, they are good Lutherans, so I guess our connection to aebleskivers is more religious than ethnic! All through my childhood, my mom, with her sister and mother, made aebleskivers for the gathered extended family each Christmas morning. The Danish tradition became our family tradition as well.

Later in life, my dad, my cousin Bob and I took over responsibility for the aebleskiver breakfast. Between the three of us we would cook up piles of bacon, sausage and aebleskivers — enough to feed about twenty family members.

Eventually I was given my grandma’s aebleskiver pan and a spare one from my mom. Now that I live away from my other relatives, with a family of my own, I have continued the Christmas aebleskiver tradition. But because they are so delicious, we sometimes have them at other times of the year as well.

This year we had aebleskivers on my youngest daughter’s birthday earlier this month. Because that was only three weeks ago, and because my two oldest children don’t live at home any more to have breakfast with us, we are skipping the Christmas aebleskiver tradition today.

Next Christmas we plan to visit my parents for their 60th wedding anniversary ... for they were married on Christmas day! We’ll have to be sure to take our aebleskiver pans with us and cook up a big batch to celebrate.

For an in-depth look at aebleskivers, including a number of recipes for various types, see Danish Aebleskiver: Take a Bite of Danish Heritage.
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 504
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