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Making Do With a Substitute
Thursday 24 February 2011   —   Category: Shooting
Wouldn’t you know! I sold my old camera, my new one hasn’t come yet, I’m stuck in camera limbo, and today a great photographic opportunity arises! So what do I do? Make do with a substitute!

This morning we woke up to about an inch of snow on the ground. Nature had put on a very photogenic face! But I’m cameraless, and my wife is using her Canon PowerShot SD550. So I grabbed the only other option: our Panasonic HDC-TM700K video camera.

At first, I had never intended to use this camera for still photos, only video. But rather than dragging TWO cameras around on some of our outings, it made a lot more sense to take only the TM700 and leave the better still camera — my now-sold Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ50 — at home. All of the albums on this Web site from last year contain photos shot exclusively with the TM700: Yosemite 2010, Mount Hood 2010, Eagle Creek 2010, McKenzie River 2010, and Albany Autumn 2010. For a sample of the excellent video quality of this camera, check out the footage I shot at a David Grisman concert. You should see how this video looks on our 46-inch HDTV — absolutely stunning!

Anyway, today I headed out into the snow with the TM700 to see what I could see. I came back with some really great shots, which you can see in the Albany Snow Feb 2011 photo album.

Well, this camera really helped me out in a pinch, but I am still longing eagerly for my Sony Alpha α55 to arrive!
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 5
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Brian's Photo Blog — Article 5
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