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Happy Anniversary!
Thursday 1 March 2012   —   Category: Thoughts
Well, it was exactly a year ago today that I got my Sony Alpha α55 camera body. And what a year it has been! It’s time to pause and take a look back on what the past twelve months have brought in to my life.

Equipment-wise, in addition to the α55, I also acquired six lenses, a tripod, a hard carry case, a couple of camera backpacks and a holster, a Sony Alpha α77 camera body, and a number of little accessories to make my photographic life easier.

But the equipment I have is the least important part — what really counts is what I've done with it! I took over 10,000 photos, narrowed that down to just over 1,000 of the best pictures arranged in 28 photo albums. Over 20 of my photos have won awards (in just four months!) in the monthly competitions of the Valley Viewfinders Camera Club. I've been able to discover lots of new places in Oregon, and had a lot of enjoyment doing so. Not bad!

And I have high hopes that the best is yet to come! In preparation for the coming photograhic season (remember, I live in Oregon, the land of perpetual rain!), I've recently been making some changes to my camera kit, adding to, subtracting from, and otherwise improving my photographic equipment. I’ll be sharing more about all that in coming posts. And as I will explain more fully next time, I've also been exercising more, trying to prepare my body as well as my equipment for the many hikes I plan on taking this year.

So it is with great satisfaction that I reflect upon the past year, and with great eagerness and anticipation that I look forward to the next stage of my photographic journey during the coming year. I don’t know exactly what I will be able to accomplish, or how good it will be — I simply need to keep my eye to the viewfinder, do the best I can, and have fun doing it! Happy anniversary, my ... Preciousssss!!
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 48
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Brian's Photo Blog — Article 48
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