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Deviled Duck Eggs
Monday 21 September 2015   —   Category: Cooking & Food
After adventurously eating nine duck eggs over a period of seven days, I was starting to get pretty ducked-out! But with only three more duck eggs to go, I was finally in the home stretch. For our eighth day of eating adventurously with duck eggs, my wife and I decided to have deviled duck eggs with our salads.
Two deviled duck eggs, made with mayonnaise, horseradish spread, salt, pepper, and a dusting of paprika.
A close-up of the eggs.
A plate of yummy good food! A homemade pretzel and home­made spicy whole-grain pub mustard — both recipes taken from the Pretzel Making at Home cookbook by Andrea Slonecker. Some awesome Tête de Moine cheese which my wife brought back from Switzerland, and last but not least, a deviled duck egg.
Strange to say, after we made these two deviled duck eggs, all of our duck eggs were used up, even though only eleven were accounted for. Neither my wife nor myself remember using it, and I have no photographs documenting its being used. Very strange!

What happened to the twelfth duck egg? At this point we have no rational explanation. Was it abduck ted by egg-sucking aliens? (This is Oregon, you know!) In the next and final episode of Eating Adventurously With Duck Eggs, we will ponder the mystery of the missing duck egg.
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 472
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Brian's Photo Blog — Article 472
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