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A Duck Egg Aioli Breakfast Sandwich
Sunday 20 September 2015   —   Category: Cooking & Food
When going on photo outings over the past years, I have often stopped by Mc­Donald’s for a bite of breakfast.

If the outing is going to be somewhat sedate, I usually get their Hotcakes and Sausage — and a handful of napkins so I can press the excess grease out of the sausage patty!

If I am going to be doing a lot of walk­ing, I like to indulge in my favorite McD’s breakfast: a Sausage McMuffin with Egg with hash browns.

A couple of weeks ago I took an early-morning Amtrak train from my home­town of Albany up 70 or so miles to Portland — see Diary of a Portland Amtrak Outing for details of all the adventures I had along the way.

Because this trip was right in the middle of eating adventurously with duck eggs, and since I had some leftover, trendy, homemade duck-egg aioli sauce, with some regret I decided to skip McDonald’s that morning and make a breakfast sandwich at home instead.
I started off by frying two strips of thick-​sliced, center-​ cut, uncured bacon in a cast-​iron skillet. Then I fried this duck egg.
I purposely broke the yolk so the egg would work better in a sandwich.
Time to assemble the sandwich. I took two slices of Trader Joe’s Tuscan Pane and slathered a generous layer of my duck-egg aioli sauce on each piece.

On one side I laid the bacon, topped with the egg. On the other piece of bread I melted a more-than-generous com­bi­na­tion of Tillamook sharp cheddar cheese and Dubliner cheese.
Putting the two halves together and add­ing a modest side of Ore-Ida Waffle Fries, I was ready to chow down before running off to catch my train.
So, what what the result of my latest eggs-periment? Did I make the right choice? Did the duck-egg sandwich rise to the occasion, or should I have stuck with McDonald’s?

To be completely honest, I would have much preferred the Sausage Egg McMuffin. It has some sort of special taste that is absolutely heavenly! And McDonald’s hash browns are out of this world as well!

I really don’t think my strong, garlicky aioli sauce was the right choice for a breakfast sandwich. As I mentioned pre­vi­ous­ly, the aioli sauce was awesome on grilled meat. But it kind of ruined this breakfast sandwich. With aioli being so popular on Portland restaurant menus, even at breakfast, who whudda thunk? Well, live and learn!

I would have been a lot better off using my homemade spicy whole-grain pub mustard. Or even just some store-bought Grey Poupon mustard and / or some horseradish spread.

Furthermore, in my greed I kind of went overboard with the cheese. I guess I love cheese so much that it was hard to live up to my motto — “Moderation in all things” — in this case. Even though it seems an impossibility, there was simply too much cheese. When will I learn?

Finally, the oven-baked Ore-Ida Waffle Fries are just no match for McDonald’s hash browns in both taste and texture. How­ev­er, while browsing the Ore-Ida Web site, I did come across another product that seems like it might be quite similar to the McD hash browns — their Golden Patties. I’m looking for­ward to giving those a try!

In the end, my fried duck-egg aioli sandwich was so big and heavy that it probably had way more calories and fat than the McDonald’s sandwich I so much prefer! This meal is definitely not one I will be repeating. For my next photo outing, I’m absolutely stopping by McDonald’s for breakfast!
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 471
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