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Food Photography Sours In Germany
Wednesday 19 August 2015   —   Category: Cooking & Food
Earlier this week I ran across an interesting yet troubling article: Photos of Your Meal Could be Copyright Infringement in Germany. Be sure to click over and read the comments left by other readers — they’re pretty funny!

This is yet one more example of Byzantine red tape and unnecessary, nonsensical government meddling. Apparently, in 2013 the German Federal Court of Justice expanded copyright protections to include elaborately arranged food, making the appearance of fancy dishes artistic intellectual property owned by the chef.

If such a law existed in Oregon or the United States, then the first picture to the right, which I took at Olympia Provisions’ Southeast Restaurant in Portland a couple of months ago, could very well be illegal. Sheesh!

This is similar to the recently proposed European law to make it illegal to photograph certain buildings and sculptures. What’s next? Will it be illegal to take a picture of my truck because Toyota has a copyright on its image? When it comes to legislation, common sense is thrown out the window more often than not!

Well, until it is illegal in Oregon as well, I’m going to keep taking pictures of photogenic food, like this shot from a local German restaurant, Gustav’s Bargarten in Keizer.

Hey, I’ve got a great idea! If Germans can’t take pictures of restaurant food in their own country, they can take vacations in the U.S. and take pictures at the German restaurants here. A new type of tourism — gastronomic copyright avoidance! Prost!
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 462
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Reader Comments
On November 26, 2016, Robert Leger wrote:
Thought about trying to do food photography in Germany - just starting out ..but after reading this maybe i should give up that
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 462
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