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Portland's Oregon Brewers Festival
Sunday 26 July 2015   —   Category: Outings

Last Wednesday at noon I took my wife and daughter to the Portland International Airport for their biennial trip back to the Old Country to visit their family in Switzerland.

By an interesting coincidence, noon Wednesday was also the grand opening of the 28th annual Oregon Brewers Fes­ti­val. Since I had nothing pressing to do once I had deposited the ladies at the airport, and seeing that beer is one of my favorite drinks, stopping by the Festival seemed the obvious choice.

After arriving at the Oak Street / SW 1st Ave MAX station in downtown Portland, I walked a block east to the Festival’s location at the Tom McCall Waterfront Park. Twenty dollars bought me the official $7 tasting glass, and 13 token with which to obtain three-ounce samples of beer.

Now was the hard part — out of the 105 beers available, which 13 should I try with my tokens? Perusing the 70-page full-color guide, or the ex­cel­lent online app, I started mak­ing some informed choices.

I quickly found out that it is one thing to read about a beer, but quite another thing altogether to actually taste it. Some which seemed won­der­ful on paper were quickly categorized as “not so good” after the first sip.

After my thirteenth sample I bought five more tokens. With one I tasted my fourteenth beer, then I finished off the Festival with a full glass of my favorite — apparently a one-off beer called Kölschtastic by Portland’s Gigantic Brewing.

To the upper-left you can see a list of all of the beers I sampled, as well as the rating I gave each with the online Festival app. Like most of the events I have attended in Portland this year, I probably won’t do it again, although it was interesting to try once.

My second-favorite beer was the Santi­Amber Ale made by Calapooia Brewing right here in Albany where I live. Because they are so close, maybe I’ll have to head over there sometime and try one of their other beers.

The Festival wasn’t a very good place for photography, but I did manage to get some decent shots, both from ground level and from the nearby Morrison Bridge. Because I was basically just trying to document what I saw, most of the photos were on the boring side. Therefore I decided to spice some of them up by processing them as color splash images.

As I was leaving, I was also able to get a few more interesting shots of some of the impressive downtown buildings. You can view the best 14 pictures from this day’s outing in the Portland Oregon Brewers Festival 2015 album.
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 452
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