Brian's Photo Blog — Article 444
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Summer Solstice Sunlight
Monday 22 June 2015   —   Category: Shooting
Yesterday was the summer sol­stice — the longest day of the year. We have turned the corner, and are already heading back towards winter!

Last month I wrote about some patches of light in my bedroom while on my way to the bath­room ... As I had mentioned in that previous article, sunlight from a north-facing window was shining on a west-facing wall. In last-month’s photo I included only the wall.

In honor of the summer solstice, I have revisiting that scene, but this time with a wider view. Not only is the wall visible, but also the view northeast behind my house. Because the sun is at its northernmost point, the widths of the patches of light on the wall are at their maximum.

As the days slip by, those patches of light will grow more and more narrow, until the sun is far enough south that it no longer shines through these windows. Then autumn will be at hand!
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 444
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Brian's Photo Blog — Article 444
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