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Portland Odds and Ends
Friday 29 May 2015   —   Category: Outings

Usually when I go on a photo outing I have a specific destination in mind, and all of the resulting pictures fit nicely into an album with the same name as that destination.

But I occasionally take photos on the way to or from a certain destination. Because I don’t have many images like that, it is harder to find an album they fit into. At other times, my chosen outing destination was not as photogenic as I had imagined, and once again I have just a handful of photos with no home.

Both of these scenarios occurred recently. The disappointing outing was to Powell Butte Nature Park, just within the southeastern city limits of Portland. This extinct volcano has an elevation of only 614 feet, with an even-wimpier prominence of only 365 feet.

It took me no time at all to walk the paved path to the top. There was a halfway decent view of the 8,365-foot (formerly 9,677-foot) Mount St. Helens, about 51 miles to the north. But the air was so hazy that Mount Hood, only 40 miles to the east, was practically invisible. Oh well!

The first four photos in the Portland Miscellaneous 2015 album were taken at Powell Butte — two of which are shown to the right.

The next two show tiny slices of greater-Portland’s wonderful MAX Light Rail system. The final image of the album (so far) illustrates a small part of the continual, major, insolvable homeless crisis in the city.

Because I plan on making two to three photo outings to Portland per month while the nice weather holds (through September?), I have little doubt that there will be more pictures taken at miscellaneous locations around the metro area to augment this initial, meager collection.
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 438
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