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Two Funny Video Parodies About Photography
Wednesday 27 May 2015   —   Category: Miscellaneous
Today I am on my third monthly photo outing to the Japanese Garden in Portland, Oregon. My body is SO happy that I don’t have to lug around all of that heavy DSLR equipment I used to own. It was the excessive weight of that equipment which led to my great camera quandary and my first step into a brand-new (Micro Four Thirds) world.

Because I have experiences the literal, physical pain of large and bulky APS-C and full-frame camera systems, I found this parody video by Olympus (the manufacturer of my current camera) to be quite funny as well as quite true (in a more realistic sense). Long live Micro Four Thirds!
And now for something not-so-completely different. I have a confession to make: on a recent outing to Portland, I indulged in a selfie. About that very rare event, I wrote:
This is very astonishing because I really detest the selfie craze. If I had nothing better to photograph than myself, I would gladly give up photography, personally take a sledge hammer to all of my camera equipment, and go raise goats on a mountain with no electricity!

Really! What’s the big deal about selfies? It is a sure sign of social deterioration, decadence and decay. My intolerant opinion is that they are a lot of stupid photos made by a lot of stupid people! It’s just like giving a camera to a chimp! Get a life, people!
In light of all this, I was really eating up Pizza Hut’s recent humorous and yet biting public service announcement parody video on the subject!
The lines calling selfie-takers ‘egotistic specimens of visual self-obsession’, ‘vainglorious Van Goghs’ and ‘fabulous narc artists’ are really rich!

Kudos to Olympus and Pizza Hut for making their points with creative humor!

UPDATE: 10 June 2015 — Here is the perfect follow-up video to the Pizza Hut selfie video:
UPDATE: 8 July 2015 — Russia Unveils ‘Safe Selfies’ Campaign as Death Count Grows

UPDATE: 24 September 2015 — Selfies Cause More Deaths Now Than Shark Attacks

UPDATE: 27 December 2017 — Obsessively Taking Selfies is Now a Real Mental Disorder Called ‘Selfitis’
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 436
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