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Oregon Wine Country
Tuesday 26 May 2015   —   Category: Outings

Twice, after my first two visits to the Japanse Garden in Portland, I took a detour to Red Ridge Farms, in the hills between Lafayette and Dundee along Oregon Route 99W, about 26 miles southwest of downtown Portland.

Located in the heart of Oregon Wine Country, this delightful, picturesque farm has a nursery, vineyard (with wine tasting), lavender field, and one of the few olive groves in Oregon, with the largest olive mill in the Pacific Northwest.

My first time there had actually been at the end of March, on my way home from my first visit to Portland’s Japanese Garden.

On that first day, I took the first picture to the right, standing under their then-​bare “Lavender Lawn” arbor. I took the second photo 36 days later from almost exactly the same spot. What a difference a month can make!

On my second visit I was astonished to see the arbor transfigured by a glowing white canopy of wisteria. I could hardly believe it was the same place. What a tangible illustration of resurrection power! The little previews on this page don’t do it justice. Click through to see larger versions.

The view from Red Ridge Farms is breathtaking: you can see much of the northern end of the Willamette Valley, with Mount Hood visible (on a clear day) about 67 miles to the east.

It looks like Oregon, but when you consider the vineyards and olive groves, you might wonder if somehow you are not actually in California. Be sure to stop for a visit if you are in the area.

Before I left I perused their gift shop, and treated myself to a unique sampler of their farm-pressed olive oils to delight my taste buds, as well as a bar of their homemade olive oil lavender soap to pamper my skin. Well, it was two days before my birthday, and I’m worth it!

Of the 19 photos in the Oregon Wine Country 2015 album, 17 were taken at Red Ridge Farms, and the other two were taken in that general vicinity. If I can pull myself away from my bizarre attraction to Portland, hopefully I can make some more trips to Oregon wine country this year.
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 435
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