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Portland — East Bank Willamette Continued
Sunday 24 May 2015   —   Category: Outings

As I shared in Portland — East Bank Willamette, I had started exploring downtown Portland’s Eastbank Esplanade at its northern trailhead on the south side of Steel Bridge. I wrote:
Even though it was only about a mile from Steel Bridge to Hawthorne Bridge, it took me almost two hours, while I snapped just over 350 photos! I most definitely was a trigger-happy country bumpkin in the big city!
When I reached Hawthorne Bridge time was pressing, so I crossed the bridge back to the west side of the Willamette River rather than continue the additional half-mile to the Eastbank Esplanade’s southern trailhead. That stretch would have to wait for another day.

That “another day” came exactly three weeks later on my Springwater Corridor outing. When I reached the northern trailhead after a four-hour walk, it was only 10:15 a.m. — a bit early for lunch! Seeing that the southern one-third of the Eastbank Esplanade which I had previously skipped was so close, it was obvious that I should just keep going.

After a short quarter-mile walk north on SE 4th Ave and west to the end of SE Caruthers St, I arrived at the Eastbank Esplanade’s southern trailhead next to the Portland Opera.

You wouldn’t think there was too much to photograph along the short half-mile between the Tilikum Crossing bridge and Hawthorne Bridge, but I did take nearly 100 pictures during the 35 minutes it took me to walk this route along the river.

Besides those two bridges, the other main attractions along the way are the utilitarian, double-decker Marquam Bridge which carries the I-5, the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI) complex, and the captivating skylines of downtown Portland and the South Waterfront.

This country bumpkin in the big city was so giddy with excitement that I even indulged in one of my rare selfies. This is very astonishing because I really detest the selfie craze.

If I had nothing better to photograph than myself, I would gladly give up photography, personally take a sledge hammer to all of my camera equipment, and go raise goats on a mountain with no electricity!

Really! What’s the big deal about selfies? It is a sure sign of social deterioration, decadence and decay. My intolerant opinion is that they are a lot of stupid photos made by a lot of stupid people! It’s just like giving a camera to a chimp! Get a life, people!

I just love Pizza Hut’s recent humorous and yet biting public service announcement parody video on the subject! The line calling selfie-takers “egotistic specimens of visual self-obsession” is really rich!

Anyway, in a moment of weakness I stooped low to the selfie level. Actually, I did it on purpose, because, with my hat and the great background, I thought it would make a perfect illustration of “country bumpkin in the big city” — and it does. Nevertheless, I am sure that you will be relieved when I inform you that I don’t plan on taking any more selfies for a long, long time!

I had traversed the upper two-thirds of the Eastbank Esplanade from north to south, but my walk along the southern one-third was from south to north. Both walks ended at the Hawthorne Bridge.

Because I am putting all of the photos from both outings into a single album, I have reversed the order of the new batch, so that they are not in the chronological order I took them, but in geographical order.

In this way, the flow of the pictures is continuous from the northern trailhead to the southern trailhead. The first outing contributed 49 photos to the Portland Waterfront East 2015 album. The second one added 41 more shots, to bring the total to a nice round 90 images.

So, if you have already seen the pictures from the first outing, you can go straight to the second batch. These include five new panoramas, seven black and white photos, and two colour splash images.

Now, after a three-week gap, I can say that I have finally completed my photo journey along the entire one-and-a-half-mile length of downtown’s wonderful Eastbank Esplanade. Next, on to discover, and photograph, the next interesting corner of Portland!
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 433
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