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Panoramic Pictures of Portland
Saturday 23 May 2015   —   Category: Outings
Most of the 120 panoramic photos I have created over the past years have featured the wonders of nature in Oregon, California and Washington. This includes quite a number of vertical panoramas of waterfalls in these three states. You can browse through my collection in these previous albums:
  • Panoramas 2007-2011
  • Panoramas 2012
  • Panoramas 2013
  • Panoramas 2014   
  • During my numerous photo outings to Portland over the past two months, I have taken enough panoramas to warrant the creation of 2015’s collection. But I am debating about what to call it.
    Because, at the time of this writing, all 17 of this year’s panoramas were taken in Portland, perhaps the new album should be entitled ‘Portland Panoramas 2015’. My desire to go on at least two photo outings to Portland (one being to the Japanese Garden) per month for the foreseeable future further strengthens this idea.

    However, I do have some definite plans to go on some photo outings to locations other than Portland later this year, where it could be quite likely that I would take some panoramas as well. So, in the end, I suppose I’ll simply follow tradition and call it Panoramas 2015. I can always change it further down the road once I see how things develop.
    Portland, with its beautiful waterfront skyline and its many elegant and historic bridges, is an ideal location for panoramic photos. I would expect more panoramas are possible during the overwhelming number of activities happening in Portland this summerIF I can get my camera above the crowds!

    Until then, you can enjoy my small collection of Portland panoramas in the Panoramas 2015 album. They originally appeared in six different albums — and still do — but now they are presented all together in this one album for your viewing pleasure.
    Brian's Photo Blog — Article 432
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    Brian's Photo Blog — Article 432
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