Brian's Photo Blog — Article 431
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Portland in Black and White
Friday 22 May 2015   —   Category: Outings

If you have looked around this Web site very much at all, you will already know that I love black and white photography. As of today, there are 572 monochrome images which can be viewed in my annual Black and White albums: By following these links, you can read more details about my passion for black and white photography, and also browse through the photos collected in each album.

Sometimes, when I have ended up with a large number of monochrome pictures taken in a single location, I have created separate albums for them: This year, with my numerous photo outings to Portland, I’m accumulating quite a collection of monochrome images taken in the City of Roses. Man-made architecture can look positively artistic when viewed in black and white!

As I have mentioned in previous articles, color can often become a distraction in a photo. Sometimes the lines, curves, shapes, and textures, as well as the contrast between light and shadow, are more compelling than the colors, so that the inclusion of color detracts from those features. Many a time I have seen a mediocre image come to life once I convert it to black and white!

In other photos, because of various environmental conditions, the color or contrast does not turn out well. No matter how I try to process the picture in Adobe Lightroom, I just can’t achieve a satisfactory result in color.

In order to salvage the worthwhile composition, I resort to monochrome processing. Very often the resulting image turns out quite nice, like the second, third and fourth photos on this page, among many, many others.

In 2015 so far, I have created 148 black and white pictures. If you take out the 37 monochrome photos from Jalama Beach, 89 of the remaining 111 images are from Portland. Obviously, they deserve their own special photo album!

Let me remind you that each black and white photo originally appears in the album which is associated with the particular photo outing on which that picture was taken. As of now, there are ten-plus Portland photo albums for 2015, so all of the monochrome photos are spread amongst those albums.

That is why I wanted to make a specific album which would gather all of these Portland black and white images and present them together in one place. Therefore, I am happy to announce the unveiling of the new Portland in Black and White 2015 album. Ta-da!

Because I am making at least two photo outings to Portland (one being to the Japanese Garden) per month for the foreseeable future, I have no doubt that there will be many more monochrome pictures added to this collection during the rest of this year. Vive le noir et blanc!
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 431
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