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Kleenex Shadow and Light Redux
Thursday 21 May 2015   —   Category: Shooting
Earlier this week I wrote about what I photographed on my way to the bathroom.... Today I made it all the way to the bathroom before my senses were once again accosted by a captivating scene of light and shadow.

I just don’t get it! It seems like my bathroom is some sort of photographic fetish — if you can judge by the number of interesting pictures I have taken there, and their accompanying articles. Check out this list: And now there is the new Kleenex shadow and light redux image to the right. What’s the deal?!

Like last year’s Kleenex shadow and light photo, I walked into my bathroom just when a shaft of sunlight through the skylight window was illuminating the tissue box. But rather than taking a picture very similar to that one, this time I decided to try something different.

As you can see, I positioned the camera as close to the mirror as possible in order to get that mirror-image effect. Like most of the previous bathroom photos, I exposed for the brightest part of the scene, so that the rest of the bathroom was thrown into deep shadows. This time I had the extra bonus of including some backyard trees in the shot.

Who knows what interesting scenes are just around the corner, waiting to be photographed ... the next time I’m on my way to the bathroom ... or once I arrive?
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 430
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Brian's Photo Blog — Article 430
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