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On My Way to the Bathroom ...
Tuesday 19 May 2015   —   Category: Shooting
Yesterday I was minding my own business, passing through my bedroom on the way to the bathroom, when my senses were suddenly accosted by patches of light on one of the bedroom walls. Because the scene had captured my attention, I decided to capture it with my camera!

What I saw was light from the setting sun, shining through north-facing windows onto a west-facing wall in my bedroom. Each of the three windows was open a different amount, which accounts for the various thick horizontal bars. By looking closely (click on the photo for a larger version), you can see the cords hanging down from the blinds above each window. There are also subtle shadows from the neighbor’s trees, especially in the left window.

In just a few minutes the apparition was gone, as the sun sank lower behind the trees. Now that I know what might reappear each day at sunset, I will be making a special effort to keep my eye out for more interesting shots.

As I was kneeling by my bed after taking this picture, I noticed a small feather, about half an inch long, which had escaped from a pillow and was clinging to the bed. The contrast between the white feather and the red sheet was striking, so I grabbed my tripod and macro lens for another round of photography.

When I was processing these pictures, I found that they both looked better as black and white images. Each of them is interesting because of the shapes as well as the contrast between light and shadow — color was merely a distraction. Even though I had found the red of the sheet to be very attractive, in the end it took they eye away from the feather, which is the main subject.

Even though my photographic attention has been focused on Portland these days, there are still wonderful, alluring photographic opportunities all around me, without having to go anywhere! I’ve been putting such pictures in the Homemade Images 2015 and Neighborhood 2015 albums.
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 428
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Brian's Photo Blog — Article 428
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