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Daylight, Twilight, Moonlight
Sunday 17 May 2015   —   Category: Processing

As I have already mentioned a number of times in past articles, I agree with Ansel Adams that taking a photo with a camera is only half of the photographic process, and that processing the photo is the whole other half of photography. But rather than using a chemical darkroom like Adams did, I process my photos with Adobe Lightroom software.

When working to bring out the best in an image, I sometimes find that it can look equally good processed more than one way. An extreme example of this involves the pictures I took of a distressed sea lion earlier this year.

First I processed them all in color, and they looked good, as you can see in the Jalama Beach 2015 album. But the photos also looked just as good in black and white, as you can see in the Jalama Beach 2015 B&W album.

In the past I have created a few monochrome versions of color albums, but the companion albums did not contain identical pictures. With the sea lion, it was the first and only time I have posted the same album-full of photos twice, with the only difference being how they were processed.

However, I had never taken this approach a step further by processing a photo three different ways ... until now.

“ Daylight ”
On my first visit to Portland’s Japanese Garden, I had attempted to photograph this antique five-tiered stone pagoda lantern, given to Portland from its sister city, Sapporo, Japan. But I was unhappy with the composition of that image, so I didn’t even include it in the album of photos from that outing.

During my latest visit to the Japanese Garden, I tried again from a different position, a different angle, and with a different field of view. This time I was pleased with the image, which is shown to the right.

As I was processing it, I played around with some other variations. I tried my beloved black and white treatment, and the resulting image looked quite nice.

I also tried another technique which I have been experimenting with more these days: selective color, which is also sometimes called “color splash.” That version turned out to be an attractive picture as well.

Because each version had its own unique beauty, I couldn’t choose which one I liked the best. Therefore I decided to keep all three images.

Each one reminded me of a different time of day. The original color version I named “ Daylight ”. The other two variations I called “ Twilight ” and “ Moonlight ”.
“ Twilight ”
“ Moonlight ”
For this photo’s entry in the Portland Japanese Garden, Apr. 2015 album, I presented these three variations as a sequence. This has a greater visual impact than just seeing them side by side, as you do on this page. Click here to take a look for yourself.

In my next article, I will be sharing more about the other sequences I have made — so far, sixteen in all. I will also be introducing the new album I am putting together which gathers them all into one place, so they are easier to find. Until then ....
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 426
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