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Bad Tire Photo Op
Wednesday 29 April 2015   —   Category: Shooting
Yesterday while my truck was being serviced at Les Schwab Tires here in Albany, I decided to kill two birds with one stone (bad metaphor for a Byrd!) by taking my daily neighborhood walk in a different part of town than usual. Anything to escape that infernal TV blasting away in the waiting room!

Therefore I headed north on Bain St., covering the half-mile or so between Santiam Highway and Pacific Blvd. Along the way I passed between the Swan Lakes but didn’t see any swans — nor any ballet dancers!

Once I got to Pacific, I turned west and walked about 100 yards until I came to a footpath next to NAPA Auto Parts. This led down to the creek which flows under Pacific Blvd, connecting Swan Lakes with Waverly Lake.

There I found geese and ducks, shadows and light, water and flora, natural and man-made creations. As always when out for a walk, I had my pocket camera in a case hanging from my belt.

With a quick draw to rival a Wild West gunslinger, in no time I was shooting away at the water fowl. Fortunately for them I wasn’t a frontiersman, but merely a photographer.

My photographic eye was really drawn to the shapes and shadows of the arched bridge. As artists have known for many centuries, a silhouette of a subject causes the viewer to see it in a different light.

Out of the 20 pictures I took during my short seven-minute stay, five of them were found worthy of being included in the Wildlife 2015 album.

For the umpteenth time, I discovered afresh that every life experience is a potential photo op — even when a tire goes bad!
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 420
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Brian's Photo Blog — Article 420
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