Brian's Photo Blog — Article 42
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The Quest For Thor's Well
Tuesday 17 January 2012   —   Category: Outings
When I recently ran across a stunning photo of Thor’s Well at the Cape Perpetua Scenic Area, only two-hours’ drive from my house, I wondered why I had never visited there, seeing it was so close.

In mid-January, when an extra high tide was occurring at mid-morning, and there was also a storm high surf advisory, and there was no rain, I realized that it was the perfect conditions for making the trip. With the turbulent sea slamming against the coastal volcanic rocks, I was able to get some great shots.

After searching for Thor’s Well, and then talking to the park rangers, I finally located it. But because it was at the end of a rocky tide pool peninsula, I didn’t have the courage to defy the roaring sea to take photos close up, like other photographers have done. Instead, I settled for using my longest telephoto lens, and shooting from the top of the cliffs. You can see all 34 photos in the Cape Perpetua 2012 photo album.
AUGUST 2014 UPDATE — I finally made it to Thor’s Well, two and a half years later! See the article Oregon Coast Triple-Header Outing for more details. To view the 18-photo sequence I took of water filling Thor’s Well while I was standing right in front of it, click here.
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 42
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Brian's Photo Blog — Article 42
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