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It's Not Square To Be Square!
Tuesday 28 April 2015   —   Category: Shooting

It was three years ago this month that I finally discovered the bliss of squareness! Better late than never!

That was when I posted my first square image (first photo to the right) on this Web site. Since then my love for this shape of photograph has been slowly increasing, until today it is almost a passion!

I don’t know why it took me so long to break out of my rectangular rut. After taking thousands and thousand of pictures during my first six years of renewed interest in photography, and presenting over two thousand of them on this Web site, it suddenly hit me when I was processing the Easter egg picture that I could crop it square. Sometimes I’m a little slow to catch on!

As other photographers have known for many decades, the 1:1 — otherwise known as square — aspect ratio can be very appealing. They have also known that when processing a photo, one technique to improve the image is to utilize cropping. Sometimes there are areas of the photo which are distracting and need to be cut out. In other instances, the shape of the subject is better presented by changing the aspect ratio of the photo to 1:1.

By June of last year, almost three years after my first square image, I had processed about 60 square photos, scattered amongst quite a few albums. At that point I thought it could be fun to collect them all into a single, multi-year, conglomerate “super-album,” which I called Square Images (All Years). You can read more details about that and other such collections in the article Four New Conglomerate ‘Super-Albums’.

Starting last year and into this year, things have been snowballing. In 2014 I created a bit more than twice as many square photos as the previous two years combined! And we are only one-third of the way through this year and I already have more square images from 2015 then the previous three years combined!

In less than a year, those original 60 square photos have mushroomed into a collection of more than 200! Now that I have so many (with countless more certain to come), I have realized that I need to group them into smaller, more manageable chunks. Therefore, I have just created four new Square Image albums, one for each of the past three years, and one for 2015. As you can see, when it comes to photography, it’s not square to be square!
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 419
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