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American Photographers Beware! (part 4)
Monday 27 April 2015   —   Category: Miscellaneous
After posting my articles American Photographers Beware! (part 2) and American Photographers Beware! (part 3) almost exactly a month ago, there have been so many new reports of problems between photographers and the police that instead of tacking them onto the end of the Part 3 article, I needed to move them to their own article.

Thus, the sad necessity of today’s Part 4. The news starts off pretty good, but goes rapidly downhill by the end.
PetaPixel article — March 31, 2015:
Arkansas Privacy Bill Vetoed, Street Photography Lives Another Day.
PetaPixel article — April 6, 2015:
Colorado Bill Would Punish Officers Who Interfere with Photographers.
PetaPixel article — April 12, 2015:
Texas Bill Limiting the Photography of Cops Dropped After ‘Loud’ Public Outcry.
PetaPixel article — April 21, 2015:
Woman Pointing Smartphone Camera at Police Has It Snatched and Smashed.
PetaPixel article — April 27, 2015:
Photographer Gets Beaten by Baltimore Police, Gets Up and Keeps Shooting Protests.
The following video was shot by a colleague of Mr. Giordano, who is the photographer beaten in Baltimore:

Me being beat on by several @baltimorepolice. Video by Baynard Woods. #freddieGray #baltimore

A video posted by J.M. Giordano (@jmgiordanophoto) on

PetaPixel reports that “Giordano has since turned to social media to say that he is fine, calling the incident an ‘occupational hazard.’”

Judging from the above list of articles, it would seem that every photographer in America needs to beware of such “occupational hazards”! And there’s more ...
PetaPixel article — May 12, 2015:
Photographers Wary of New Wyoming Law Against ‘Data Collecting’ in ‘Open Land’.
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 418
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