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Another European Visitor
Sunday 19 April 2015   —   Category: Shooting

Last October I wrote about my European wife spotting a European spider in our backyard. Not that either of them were recent immigrants, but both ultimately originated in the Old World.

This month we have been seeing another immigrant from overseas, although it too is not a recent arrival. Both of the photos to the right are of a Eurasian collared dove in our backyard.

According to this article from the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, the Eurasian collared dove first arrived in the state in 1988. And according to the Wikipedia article linked above, it is considered an invasive species. Yikes! A foreign invasion!

We have been seeing a pair of them, but they are pretty hard to photograph because they are quite skittish. An abrupt movement or a slight noise on our part, and these doves are immediately flapping out of our yard with haste.

The black and white photo was shot through the kitchen window. The second image was taken through an open window in my upstairs bedroom, from which I had removed the screen. Before I snuck up on the dove, I put my camera in silent mode so that its beeping would not scare it away. Nevertheless, after only a few shots the bird bolted. Skittish indeed!

You can click on both pictures — which have been added to the Homemade Images 2015 album — to see larger versions.
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 414
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Brian's Photo Blog — Article 414
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