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Two Days, Two Dead Photographers
Thursday 16 April 2015   —   Category: Miscellaneous
In a couple of previous articles — Grizzly Bear Photography Gone Bad and Watch Where You Stand! — I’ve reported on tragic accidents which happened to photographers as they were pursuing their art. Unfortunately, this past weekend was a very bad two days for two very dead photographers.

Petapixel reports that British wedding photographer Gordon Jack passed away on Saturday after a freak accident the previous day, at the wedding rehearsal of tennis superstar Andy Murray.
Jack was walking backwards and taking pictures of the couple from just a few feet away when he tripped and hit his head on a gravestone while falling. The 47-year-old photographer was knocked unconscious, and an ambulance was called in to rush him to a nearby hospital, where he passed away the following afternoon.
An article on the Edinburgh Evening News Web site gives further details:
Gordon Jack, 47, who ran the Scotimage agency in Linlithgow, is thought to have suffered a heart attack before falling and hitting his head on a gravestone.... In one of his last photo tweets, he posted an image of the cathedral bathed in sunshine and said: “Hope the weather holds.”
In another tragic photographic event closer to home, the Portland-based Web site reports that a 52-year-old contractor from Bend named Joel Martin died on Sunday at Tamolitch Falls on the McKenzie River.

Apparently Joel was taking pictures near the top of the falls and somehow fell 45 feet into shallow water. The report continues:
Another hiker, a paramedic who was not with Martin, witnessed the fall. That hiker and an emergency room nurse who came upon the incident tried without success to resuscitate Martin. He died at the scene.

Tamolitch Falls is located along the McKenzie River Trail. The falls are dry most of the year. The water flows over a ledge into a basin known as Blue Pool, renowned for its crystalline topaz blue water.
Some details about this incident bring it even closer to home. The accident took place in the same Linn County in which I live. Joel was 52. I just turned 53 less than three weeks ago. Perhaps we were born in the same year. Furthermore, I’ve been hiking just north of Tamolitch Falls with my wife and kids. You can see the photos I took there in the McKenzie River 2010 album.

It seems like photography can be a deadly pursuit! Two photographers fell this weekend while taking pictures, probably for different reasons, and both died as a result. Not only do photographers need to watch where they stand, but also watch where they fall.

I’ll have to keep that in mind today, as I spend some time in Portland on yet another photo outing. I’m actually posting this from my iPad Mini while riding the metro! My family would not like it if I were to become one more tragic story on the evening news.

Whether from this side of the grave or the other, I’ll try to report back and let you know how it turned out! In the meantime, you might like to check out my recent photos taken at a Portland cemetery.
UPDATE: I made it back safe and sound. During my seven-hour walk around central Portland, I took about 750 pictures — I really felt like I was a country bumpkin on his first visit to the big city! I will be posting photos and articles in the coming days and weeks.
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 411
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