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Photo Outings All Over Oregon, Part 2
Saturday 4 April 2015   —   Category: Outings
In April of last year I used the Google Earth app to plot each location where I had gone on a photo outing in Oregon. At that time I had about 80 dots on my map. As I recounted in the article Photo Outings All Over Oregon, not only could I mark each place in Google Earth, but I could also include links to my photo blog articles for all those locations.

Even better, I was able to save the locations to a Google Earth .kmz file and share it on my Web site so that anyone can download it. Once opened in Google Earth on your device, you can virtually explore all 80 wonderful locations in Oregon, and also read the articles I wrote which describe my experiences there.

If, for some obscure reason, you do not yet have the Google Earth app on your device, you can download it here for your computer, or here for your mobile device.

During the past year I have gone on a fair number of photo outings in Oregon, mostly in the northwestern section of the state. As a result, I have added 15 new location to my Google Earth listing, including:
  1. Tahkenitch Dunes
  2. Florence
  3. Valley of the Giants
  4. Alsea Falls
  5. Green Peak Falls
  6. Drift Creek Falls
  7. Umpqua River North Jetty to Sparrow Park Road Beach
  1. Cascade Head
  2. Darlingtonia State Natural Site
  3. Sutton Creek
  4. Oregon State University in Corvallis
  5. Oregon Wine Country
  6. Albany Downtown / Willamette River
  7. My neighborhood in Albany, which for some reason I had omitted last time
But that’s only 14! The last new entry is Portland, which is a whole nother story! Because almost all of my Oregon photography from now on will take place in the Portland area, I am starting a new map for those locations. See A Portland Google Earth Companion for more details and a link to the new map, so you can download that one as well.

You can download my newly-updated Google Earth listing with all 95 Oregon locations by clicking here. In addition, you can see the complete index of all my non-Portland Oregon photo outing articles by looking here, as well as a listing of all of my non-Portland Oregon photo albums by looking here.

For a complete index of all of my Portland-related articles and photos, be sure to explore the new Positively Passionate About Portland combination listing.

I was hoping to reach 100 locations on this map, but with Portland being my new focus, I don’t plan on adding to this Oregon map for quite a while. Still, as you can see from the map below, there are many more locations in Oregon where I have NOT been than where I have ... so you never know!

NOTE: This article was revised for accuracy on 18 May 2016.
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 404
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