Brian's Photo Blog — Article 402
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My Fine Furry Friend, Found
Wednesday 1 April 2015   —   Category: Shooting

It has been about five months since I had last seen my fine furry friend, the neighborhood rabbit. Today on my daily walk, in the area where I have normally seen him (her? them?), I came across one rabbit chasing another at very high speed. They seemed a bit smaller and younger than the rabbits I saw last year.

It was very comical, but ended all too soon. By the time I stopped my audio book and got out my pocket camera, one of the rabbits had disappeared, and the other was sitting in the grass. I got the shot to the right, at 30x zoom, before he ran away as well.

A bit further on, I came across a lone clump of flowers growing through a crack in a fence. The image to the right is a close-up, but the wide shot is also nice because it gives you a better feel of the flowers’ isolation.

All three images have been added to the Neighborhood 2015 album, as well as some other recent shots that I have taken since a good day for photography a few weeks ago. For your convenience, you can see an overview of all 17 of the new additions, which includes cats, a rainbow, a sunrise, a slug, and more!
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 402
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Brian's Photo Blog — Article 402
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