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Banish Boredom With Photography
Thursday 26 March 2015   —   Category: Miscellaneous
Earlier this week I ran across an interesting photography article on the Macworld Web site: Beat boredom with these fun photo ideas for iPhone and iPad.
Trapped inside due to weather? Itching to make photos but you’ve been too busy? Or do you just have a few hours to kill? It’s easy to think we can’t capture photos unless we wake up before dawn to welcome the sunrise or travel to picturesque locales, but fun photos can be made anywhere and at any time.

They also don’t require expensive, dedicated photo gear. Here are three photo ideas for boring days that you can create with an iPhone or iPad that you probably already have at hand.

A friend of mine used to say that boredom doesn’t exist — if you’re feeling bored, then go do something about it. With a camera, even the one in your iPhone or iPad, you can soon pass the time and have fun making new photos.
Great advice! Be sure to follow the above link to read the specific ideas which author and photographer Jeff Carlson shares in his article. Then go have fun and banish boredom!
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 399
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Brian's Photo Blog — Article 399
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