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The Artistry of Scientific Photography
Tuesday 24 March 2015   —   Category: Other Photographers

Lately I have come across a few articles which expose the beauty and wonder of scientific photography. Two of the articles highlight two different photographic competitions — one in the U.S. and the other in the U.K.

One of them is the annual Visualization Challenge — affectionately called “The Vizzies” — co-sponsored by the National Science Foundation and Popular Science magazine.

The Vizzies competition, which has been running since 2003, is divided into five categories of entries, one of which is photography. The winning photographic entry for 2014, just announced last month, is the above false-color x-ray of a snapping turtle — with 30 eggs hidden inside it! — by Rochester Institute of Technology professor Ted Kinsman. Be sure to follow the link for more details.

The other is the Wellcome Image Awards, now in its 14th year. One of the recent award-winning images is this photo of a goat stomach chamber by Michael Frank.

Last, but not least, I came across an article on the PetaPixel Web site entitled Microscope Photos Show the Abstract Beauty of the World All Around Us, which features the photography of Linden Gledhill.

This image to the right — Liquid crystal DNA dendritic — is just one of the many hundreds of amazing photos to be admired on Mr. Gledhill’s Flickr site.

From my youth I have loved both science and photography. When I see the work of these photographic scientists — or is that scientific photographers? — it makes me wish I had the training and equipment to take my own photography to their level. If only....
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 397
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