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Tulips: The Inside Story
Wednesday 18 March 2015   —   Category: Shooting

Yesterday when I was walking out the front door to go on my daily neighborhood walk, I was captivated by the beauty of the glowing, backlit tulips right in front of the house. But I had already taken photos of such tulips from that angle last year, as you can see in the first image to the right. There was no point in merely taking more of the same.

Stepping a bit closer, I took a peek inside the flowers and found the contents quite interesting! As soon as I got back from my walk, I mounted my Olympus 60mm macro lens onto my Olympus OM-D E-M5 camera, and then got to work.

I was very happy with the performance of my macro lens. It focused quickly and accurately. It captured lots of detail, particularly the texture of the stamens. The quality was good enough for me to indulge in some close-up crops, which is not always possible.

What a beautiful, delightful world bees have to explore inside a tulip cup! Like a bee, I flitted from one flower to another, seeing what kind of shots I could get. I ended up with 8 photos. The best 3, plus 2 close-up crops, I’ve added to the Homemade Images 2015 album.
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 391
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Brian's Photo Blog — Article 391
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