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A Tale of Two Large White Birds
Monday 2 March 2015   —   Category: Outings

While on a January 2015 trip to the California Central Coast, I went on an unplanned photo outing to Oso Flaco Lake in the Guadalupe-Nipomo Dunes.

It was unplanned because I had already been on photo outings to Oso Flaco two times before — see the Oso Flaco 2011 and Oso Flaco 2013 albums.

So when I was thinking about possible locations for my January 2015 California photo outings, I had ruled out going to Oso Flaco once again, because I had already “been there, done that.”

But one day circumstances conspired so that I was at the coast with nothing to do, so I decided to stop at Oso Flaco since it was on the way back to Santa Maria.

I’m SO glad that I ended up going, because I got some great shots of a Great Egret, American White Pelicans, Amer­i­can coots, and northern shovelers.

In almost all of the photos, the subject is either the egret, the pelicans ... or both! The egret seems like a large bird until it stands next to a pelican. It is then that you can see just how huge these pelicans truly are!

Out of the 55 pictures I took at the lake during my short 20-minute visit, 29 of them are presented in the new Oso Flaco 2015 album.

Using this Web site’s search capabilities, you can also browse all 77 Oso Flaco photos from my three outings in 2011, 2013 and 2015.

Today’s article is the last in the series of reports, and photo albums, from Jan­u­ary’s trip to California. In case you missed them, the rest of the series includes:
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 384
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