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Another Premature February Spring
Wednesday 25 February 2015   —   Category: Shooting
Exactly a year ago to the very day, I wrote about the premature February spring we were having. This year Oregon’s Willamette Valley is experiencing an even earlier and milder February spring than last year.

Compared to the normal nine-month Oregon rainy season, this has been a fairly dry winter season. Likewise, for photography during my daily neighborhood walks it has been a dry season as well. Except for a picture I took of some cats last month, it has been over four and a half months since my last photo taken on my walk. It was way back at the beginning of October that I had a surprising encounter with la grenouille perdue.

As new life is blossoming around the neighborhood, new interest in photography during my daily walks has also been blooming this week. On Monday I got a couple of shots, and yesterday I found even more interesting and/or beautiful sights worth capturing with a camera.

I always listen to an audio book during my walk. Often I get so caught up in the story that I forget to look at what is on display around me. Perhaps there was something worth photographing, but I simply passed it by without looking. Yesterday I made a conscious effort to look, and I was amazed by all what I saw. I sure had to pause my audio book at lot!

You can see what has caught my eye during my walks so far this year by browsing through the first nine photos of the Neighborhood 2015 album.
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 379
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Brian's Photo Blog — Article 379
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