Brian's Photo Blog — Article 366
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My Fine Furry Friend
Sunday 31 August 2014   —   Category: Shooting
It was about two and a half months ago that I last saw my fine furry friend: the wild rabbit which I have encountered a number of times in a particular locale during my daily neighborhood walk.

In fact, I think I saw him yesterday morning, a few blocks away in someone’s front yard. I rounded a corner, startled him, and he ran frantically around the front yard, panicking, looking for a place to hide, sure that I was out to get him!

When I saw him this morning in his usual place, it wasn’t even 6:30 yet, so it was still kind of dark. But even at ISO 2,000 and full 20x zoom, my ever-present pocket camera did a great job! I was so glad I had it with me to document the reunion!

As usual, you can click on this photo to see a larger version. And you can see the other photos I took of neighborhood rabbits this summer by clicking here. Until next time, my fine furry friend....
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 366
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Brian's Photo Blog — Article 366
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