Brian's Photo Blog — Article 363
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Spider Hanging Around the Garage
Sunday 17 August 2014   —   Category: Shooting
Back in January of this year I announced that I had written my 500th article (spread between my three main Web sites — see the master article listing). Today, slightly less than seven months later, this article reaches another milestone as my 600th! And I've even got an itsy-bitsy little friend to help me celebrate!

This morning when I opened the roll-up garage door, I saw that there was a good-sized spider hanging out in one of the upper corners. I’m sorry to say that my first thought was to kill it — I for sure don’t want a bunch of baby spiders haunting my house! But, photographer that I am, I figured I might as well take a picture of it before I snuff out its life!

Looking at the photo to the right, it seems like the spider has made itself quite at home in the neighborhood! Even at f/13, my Olympus 75mm lens produces a nice blurry background. Imagine if I had opened up all the way to f/1.8?!

As usual, you can click on this photo to see a larger version. The next image is a 100%-crop close-up of the spider, which you can see here. You’ll be happy to know that after being such a good subject and posing for my pictures, I just didn’t have the heart to terminate it. So the spider is still hanging out in my garage door, hoping to catch some dinner!
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 363
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Brian's Photo Blog — Article 363
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