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Two More New Conglomerate 'Super-Albums'
Sunday 20 July 2014   —   Category: Shooting
After creating four new conglomerate ’super-albums' a few weeks ago, I’m pleased to announce the addition of two more collections: Oregon Coast (All Years) and Neighborhood (All Years).

I LOVE the ocean! Having grown up on the Central Coast of California, the sea and the beach and the coast have been part of my consciousness from the very beginning. Back then it was only a 20-minute drive away — how spoiled I was! Now that I’m living in Albany, Oregon, the trip is at least four times as long! I can no longer just quickly pop over to the beach on the spur of the moment.

Yet, during the past 8 years of living in Oregon, I have made a fair number of journeys west. After putting together an album of my latest photo outing to the Oregon coast — see Drift Creek Falls and Cascade Head Doubleheader Outing, I began to think about all of the other trips I have made and photos I have taken. Looking through my collection, I was amazed to find ELEVEN albums of photos which were taken somewhere along the Oregon coast, as of mid-July 2014:
Because there are so many photos (388) in so many albums spread out over so many years, I thought it would be nice to gather all of them together into one single conglomerate “super-album,” just as I have done with the numerous other super-album I have created. As you browse through the diverse collection of images in Oregon Coast (All Years), you will find lighthouses, sea creatures and plants, sunsets, waves, forests, bridges, birds, dunes, lakes, rocks both big and small, wildflowers, shells, and much more! Even five award-winning photos! Welcome to the incredible Oregon coast!

As of mid-July 2014, we have been living in our house in southwest Albany, Oregon, for a bit over five years. During that time I have taken innumerable walks around the neighborhood. Seeing that I go for a walk around the area nearly every day, in addition to occasional extra jaunts, we are talking about 1,500 to 2,000 rambles through the neighborhood!

And I ALWAYS have a camera with me! No wonder I've taken such a large number of photos within a mile or two of home! Here is a list of the 17 albums so far, containing a total of 431 pictures:
As you can see, you can’t tell just by the title whether the photos were taken in the neighborhood or not. That’s why I decided to gather them all together into one single conglomerate “super-album,” just as I have done with the numerous other super-album I have created.

As you browse through this Neighborhood (All Years) collection, you will find a huge range of subjects: forest, swamp, Autumn leaves, multiple snow storms, clouds, plants, various phases of the moon, frost, spider webs, flowers, sunrises and sunsets, birds and rabbits, cats and dogs, snakes and slugs, spiders and snails, dragonflies and bees, quail and geese, mushrooms and tulips, and much more! Nine of the images have even won awards!

Fortunately, you don’t have to live in my neighborhood yourself in order to appreciate its beauty and diversity. Hopefully this exhibition will encourage you to grab your camera and explore your own neighborhood. Even though, as the saying goes, familiarity breeds contempt, you just might be surprised and amazed at what is waiting for you if you will only take the time and effort to open your eyes and see!

Even if I didn’t take pictures anywhere else in Oregon, just these shots taken around the neighborhood would in and of themselves make a decent photographic portfolio! It just goes to show that you don’t have to travel long distances or spends lots of money to have fun with photography and get satisfying results!
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 356
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