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Our Shadows Taller Than Our Soul
Monday 7 July 2014   —   Category: Shooting
Yesterday was my third artistic encounter with a snail while on my daily neighborhood walk, and each time it has been along the same stretch of sidewalk.

I wrote about the first encounter in A Snail’s Pace On My Daily Walk and the second in You Don’t Take a Photograph, You Make It.

I have seen snails on the side­walk since those encounters, but haven’t felt inclined to take yet another photo of a snail — been there, done that! Nevertheless, today, when I saw the huge shad­ow the rising sun was casting, it seemed like there was something photo-worthy in the scene. So, once again, out came the pocket camera for another go at shooting a snail!

I've always been haunted by the poetic imagery in the line “Our shadows taller than our soul” in the song Stairway To Heaven by Led Zeppelin. Seeing this snail’s huge shadow brought that to mind. But do snails have souls?
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 346
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Brian's Photo Blog — Article 346
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