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Appreciating the Ordinary
Saturday 5 July 2014   —   Category: Shooting
Homemade waffles are SO much better than the frozen ones you buy at the grocery store! Over thirty years ago I found a used Kenmore waffle iron at a flea market in a Safeway parking lot, around the corner from where I was living in San Luis Obispo. As you can see from this photo, it’s still going strong!

This morning I made a big batch of waffles. I was careful not to fully cook them. Once they had cooled on the racks (see photo), I layered them with plastic wrap so they would not stick to each other, put them in Ziploc bags, and stuck them in the freezer. Now, anytime we want waffles for breakfast, we only have to take them out and pop them in the toaster. Awesome, homemade waffles in a snap!

When I saw this rack-full of waffles this morning, it looked interesting enough for a photo. At first I tried the shot hand-held, but because of the low light, the results were not satisfactory. So I ran upstairs to get my tripod. With that solid support, I was able to get the shot I wanted.

There are numerous scenes to appreciate in our ordinary, daily lives, if we will only take the time to see! For a different view of daily life, there is also Beyond the ordinary: Tim Dodd’s Everyday Astronaut.
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 344
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Brian's Photo Blog — Article 344
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