Brian's Photo Blog — Article 337
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Countertop Art
Thursday 19 June 2014   —   Category: Shooting
Yesterday morning, after taking a picture of a dragonfly, I sat down at the kitchen island to eat my bowl of Grape-Nuts and honey (with milk, of course!). As I was crunching away, I glanced across the room towards the orange juice lid I had placed on the counter.

From my angle, I noticed that because of the backlight coming from the window, the orange plastic was glowing a bit, and also that it was making a nice reflection on the countertop. So after finishing my cereal, I ran back upstairs to grab my Olympus OM-D E-M5 camera and Olympus 75mm prime lens for a second round of morning photography. As usual, you can click on the picture to the right to see a larger version.

Well, you never know when or where you’ll see a sight worth capturing. Yesterday, for me, it was right outside my living-room window and right on my kitchen counter!
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 337
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Brian's Photo Blog — Article 337
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