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Of Rabbits and Poppies
Sunday 15 June 2014   —   Category: Shooting

Even though I always take my pocket camera with me on my daily neighborhood walks, I sometimes go weeks and weeks without taking a shot. In that light, this past week was very fruitful for picture-taking.

At one point along my route I keep seeing the same wild rabbit, which makes me start to wonder how wild it actually is. I particularly like this shot, because the rabbit contrasts nicely with the blue spruce (I think) in the background. Also, the rabbit is in a different pose than usual.

I normally go for my walk quite early, around 5:30 AM. But yesterday I ended up going in the middle of the afternoon. It’s amazing how a simple change like that can make such a big difference in my photos. At that time of the day the rabbits are not out, but the poppies are. The lighting is totally different. The color temperature is totally different.

Perhaps one reason I normally don’t take too many photos on my walks is because in the early morning there’s not much light available to illuminate the subject. But I have been impressed with the fairly-decent ISO performance of the Fujifilm FinePix F900EXR I’m using.

For example, in the rabbit photo above, because of the low light, and because I was zoomed all the way to 500mm (equivalent), the camera had to bump the auto ISO up to 3,200 in order to have a sufficiently-fast shutter speed so that the image would not be blurred.

There was a fair amount of image noise, as you can see in the one-hundred-percent-magnification crop of the original, unprocessed RAW image to the right. But because of the wonderful flexibility of RAW, and the processing power of Adobe Lightroom, I was able to tame that noise and end up with a nice image. Of course, I won’t be printing it at 16 x 20 inches, but for use on this Web site the quality is quite sufficient.

You can see for yourself by clicking on the first rabbit photo above to see a larger version. Then continue on through the next five pictures to see all the flower and rabbit shots I got during this past week. I hope that my work inspires you to explore your own local environment at different times of the day — with camera in hand, of course!

Brian's Photo Blog — Article 334
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