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A Tale of Two Rabbits
Sunday 1 June 2014   —   Category: Shooting
I have often seen wild rabbits on my daily neighborhood walk, on those occasions when I go through the forest which surrounds our neighborhood on three sides. I have even seen them in our backyard, which is open to the forest at the back.

But today, as is usually the case, I was sticking to the sidewalks for my daily walk. I was down on 53rd Street, which is the only way to access our neighborhood of hundreds and hundreds of homes by car. Suddenly, in the distance, across the street to the left, I saw what looked like a rabbit, scurrying down the sidewalk! That was a very unusual sight, especially on such a busy street as 53rd.

I quickly paused my iPod audio book, and then fumbled to get my pocket camera out of its case, which was attached to my belt. The rabbit was a fair distance away, but with a 20x (500mm equivalent) zoom, I thought I just might be able to capture an image of it.

Just as I was turning the camera on, I noticed a sudden movement close to me on the right. I looked to see what it was, and lo and behold, there was another rabbit just a handful of yards away from me! I was so intent on the rabbit down the street that I almost missed the one right under my nose!

I quickly fired off a few shots (photographic, of course!) while it calmly posed for me. Then, turning my attention back to the rabbit down the street, I saw that it had already disappeared. I continued on my way, but never came across that first rabbit again. Thus ends my tale of two rabbits.
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 329
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Brian's Photo Blog — Article 329
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