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Flaming Sunrise Fuchsia
Saturday 31 May 2014   —   Category: Shooting
Besides the lovely Mother’s Day orchid my wife received from my Mom, she also got a beautiful fuchsia from my daughters. It’s hanging right outside our living room window, on the north side of the house.

During a short period just after sunrise and just before sunset, the rays of the sun fall directly on the plant, making its magenta blossoms positively flame with color! So yesterday morning I grabbed my Olympus OM-D E-M5 camera, mounted my Olympus 60mm macro lens, and took some photos. The image to the right, which you can click on to see larger, turned out the best.

Over the years I have found that close-ups of small subjects open up a whole new world of wonder. Because macro photos often make such compelling images, this is the fourth year that I have made a special annual album just for such pictures. All of the photos in Macro Magic 2014 also appear in other 2014 albums, but they are gathered into this virtual album to make them easier to find. Also, don’t miss the macro-picture collections from previous years: On a related note, this is also the inauguration of my annual virtual album of panoramic photos. In addition to the new Panoramas 2014 album — featuring vistas mostly from the Oregon coast — you can also see these types of expansive images in collections from previous years:
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 328
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Brian's Photo Blog — Article 328
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