Brian's Photo Blog — Article 32
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Trader Joe's Roses
Tuesday 25 October 2011   —   Category: Shooting
As had happened previously, after a long, exhausting, but fulfilling photographic outing east of the Cascades, I once again felt like taking pictures of easier subjects closer to home. And how much closer to home can you get than AT home?!

Recently I had bought my wife some lovely pumpkin-colored roses from Trader Joe’s. As I saw them sitting on the counter yesterday, it struck me that there could be a photographic opportunity literally right under my nose!

So I grabbed the vase and took it upstairs to my office. Then I brought in the lamp from my nightstand, and proceeded to try various compositions and lighting. I got a number of pleasing shots, but I like this one shown here the best. You can click on it to see it larger. If you would like to see more flower pictures, don’t miss the entire Flowers Close-up 2011 photo album.

Rather than feeling like I always have to travel long distances for a photographic opportunity, I need to tune my eyes to all the possibilities right in my own neighborhood.
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 32
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Brian's Photo Blog — Article 32
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