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New Photo Albums Spring Forth
Saturday 19 April 2014   —   Category: Shooting
As I recounted in A Spring Slog Through Finley Refuge, earlier this week I made my fifth photo outing to Finley National Wildlife Refuge. During the following days I sorted and processed the best shots, and gathered the resulting photos into my fourth annual Finley Refuge photo album.

As I was finishing up the new set of photos, I was starting to think what a pity it was that all of my pictures from this place were scattered across four albums, with 10 photos in the first album, 18 in the second, 23 in the third, and 18 in the fourth. I felt it would be really nice to see all 69 images together in a single album. Hey, there’s an app for that — one I made myself!

Back about two years ago, I explained in my article An Overview of Panoramic Photos:
When I was creating this Web site, in addition to having “normal” photo albums, I also developed the ability to have “virtual” photo albums, which gather together selected photos from normal photo albums all in one place. So the photos are not actually IN a virtual album, like in a normal album, but just collected together from other albums to appear as a separate album.
Therefore, the infrastructure and programming were already in place to quickly and easily create a single, complete, conglomerate, virtual “super-album,” which gathers all of my Finley Refuge photos into one group, while still leaving them in their separate annual albums. You can see it for yourself by browsing the Finley Refuge (All Years) album. I expect that I will be creating more virtual “super-albums” in the future as the need arises.

While on the topic of virtual albums, this week I also created a couple more of my annual virtual albums. The Black and White 2014 album collects all of the black and white photos which I have taken during the year, scattered among various albums, and displays them as a single group. Likewise, the Wildlife 2014 album collects all of the wildlife photos which I have taken during the year, scattered among various albums, and groups them into a single virtual album.

In past years I have also created virtual albums which gather together all of my panoramic photos, and all of my macro shots, respectively. So far in 2014 I don’t have enough of those kinds of pictures to justify making these separate albums, but that may change by the end of the year ... we shall see! Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy the photos on display in the new virtual albums I have created this week.
GOOD NEWS! I now have enough photos for a Panoramas 2014 album and a Macro Magic 2014 album!
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 311
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