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And On the Third Day ...
Saturday 8 February 2014   —   Category: Shooting
And on the third day, God said, “Let there be an ice storm, as an icing for the 15 inches of caked snow from the past two days.” And so it was.

Before the icing got too thick, I decided I had better clear the 15 inches of snow off my truck before it got cemented on by the ice! Afterwards, I took a drive around the neighborhood, and then down to the convenience store to get a gallon of milk. 7-11 was completely out, but Dari Mart had an abundant supply. On the way back, I saw a strange flock of geese hunkering down in the freezing rain, in a meadow across the street from our neighborhood. They didn’t look too happy.

You can click on these photos to see larger versions, then click on the NEXT >> link on that page to see the other snow-scape photos I added to the Albany Snow Feb 2014 album this morning.
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 306
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Brian's Photo Blog — Article 306
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