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From Russia, With Love
Wednesday 29 January 2014   —   Category: Other Photographers

Within the last week, the work of Russian photographer Elena Shumilova was brought to my attention. Perhaps you have already seen her images, because a quick Google search of her name brings up quite a few reports from around the Web.

In one article, Elena is quoted as saying, “Children and animals — they’re my life.” Now, I’ll admit right from the start that I’m quite opposite of that — I don’t particularly like children or animals (pets). But, I LOVE her photos! I’ll leave it to the psychologists to reconcile the contradiction! Just because I don’t care for the subject matter in real life doesn’t mean it’s not excellent subject matter for photographs!

The ethereal, storybook-like feel of her images makes me wonder how much of that was in the original photo, and how much was Photoshopped later. But in the end, what does it matter? It’s obvious that Elena is a true artist, and her breathtaking results are stunning!

What makes her images so captivating? At the risk of ruining the experience by being overly analytical, I’ll go ahead and make a few observations.

First of all, many of her photos have exquisite lighting — especially strong backlighting. Secondly, she makes excellent use of depth of field. These pictures are definitely NOT the typical snapshots of a young mother!

Thirdly, she has very creative and artistic composition which takes her images out of the ordinary. Finally, the colors seem to be carefully crafted to produce the final result she is aiming for.

Taken together, her skill and artistry really set her photographs apart from the crowd.

I've only shared a very small sample of Elena’s work here. You can click on each photo to see a larger version. Or better yet, give yourself a real treat and browse through her entire photo album. From Russia, with love!
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 302
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