Brian's Photo Blog — Article 301
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Glowing Goose
Monday 27 January 2014   —   Category: Shooting
At a certain spot along my daily neighborhood walk route, I pass a house that keeps a flock of geese. Rarely are they close to the street, but are generally behind the house in a field (with the sheep).

However, the other day I was truckin' down the sidewalk when up ahead I could see a large goose right in the middle of my path. His flockmates were just off the pavement, looking for some grub in the grass.

Knowing that geese can be unfriendly and even belligerent, I stepped off the sidewalk into the street and proceeded cautiously, taking photos as I went. I need not have been so worried, because as I got closer the goose on the pavement waddled over to his goosemates in the grass. I took a few more photos, then pressing the play button for my audiobook, I continued on my way.

This is the best of the eleven photos I took, which you can see larger by clicking on it. I like the contrast between the shadowed background and the light of the rising sun which is making the goose appear almost as if he is glowing.
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 301
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Brian's Photo Blog — Article 301
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