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Albany Library Photo Shoot
Monday 17 October 2011   —   Category: Shooting

Last week I joined the local photo club in Albany, the Valley Viewfinders Camera Club. At that first meeting, it was announced that the Albany Library wanted to have club members take some photos of the library for an exposition they would be putting together, with the condition that no people appear in the pictures.

Always ready for new photographic challenges, I went over to the library one evening around dusk to get some outside shots, and then a couple of days later I tackled the inside. The outside shoot was uneventful, but the inside shoot was a totally different story!

When I arrived around opening time, I went straight to the main desk to get their permission, telling the clerk that I was from the camera club, and had been asked to take some photos of the library. I walked around the upper floor of the library taking pictures, trying to come up with creative angles and views.

After about 15 minutes, I was confronted by one of the supervisors, who was VERY put out that I was there taking pictures without having arranged my visit personally through her! I was quite shocked, especially since it was the library itself that wanted club members to come take photos! GOSH! Was she like that all the time, or was she just having a bad day?

I didn’t let myself be intimidated by her, but stood my ground and debated with her for a few minutes. I offered to leave, but she grudgingly said I could stay, since I was already there. But because she was clearly communicating that I was unwelcome, I decided to leave anyway. Obviously I had invaded her realm without her royal approval, and now the joy of the photo outing had been destroyed. Suddenly, it became crystal clear why I much prefer nature photography!

At this point I don’t know if any of my photos will be used, but you can see the 29 unique photos, all taken with my ultra-wide-angle lens, in the Albany Library 2011 photo album.
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 30
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Brian's Photo Blog — Article 30
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