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2013: What a Photographic Year It Wasn't
Tuesday 31 December 2013   —   Category: Thoughts
Compared to last year — see 2012: What a Photographic Year It’s Been! — 2013 really turned out to be the photographic year that wasn’t!

Last year I took nearly 9,000 photos, 1,742 of which are presented in 61 different 2012 albums on this site. At the local camera club I belonged to last year I won 44 awards in the monthly competitions, plus six end-of-the-year awards. I put about 7,000 miles on my truck, the vast majority of those miles due to photo outings. On three major trips in 2012 I put on nearly 3,000 miles in 15 days and took thousands of pictures!

Last year also saw momentous changes in my equipment, as I stepped into a brand-new Micro Four Thirds world, and gave away my entire Sony APS-C camera system. But by the end of such an intensive year I was feeling burnt-out and fed up with photography, which was an inkling of the year to come.

Now that I've reached the end of 2013, that prognostication from a year ago proved to be quite accurate. This year I no longer belonged to a camera club, so there have been no competitions and no awards. This year I put only 2,500 miles on my truck, a small percentage of which was photography related. I took only around 1,900 photos for the year, 287 of which made it into 13 different albums.

In addition to some very small outings in California while I was visiting my parents, I made only ONE photo outing in 2013: a midwinter’s day-trip to Smith Rock. But it wasn’t until mid-April that I finally got caught up on my backlog of photos that needed processing, because I had taken so many in 2012.

In other news, I had my first photo that was uses on the cover of a publication — that was quite gratifying! Much less gratifying was my strange and brief detour into employment.

As far as equipment goes, 2013 was pretty low-key. About the only significant purchases I made were some Really Right goodies as well as a German tripod lens collar. Although a few new cameras aroused gadget lust — especially the Olympus OM-D E-M1 and the accompanying Olympus 12-​40​mm lens — I firmly resisted and kept my money in my pocket. I’m quite content with the camera system I already own.

On the other hand, I did succumb to the new iPad Mini 2 (Retina display), and I was also on a long quest for the ideal pocket camera. After not being satisfied with the Olympus TG-2 “tough” camera I picked up mid-year, I finally settled on the Fujifilm FinePix F900EXR.

As I mentioned above, by the end of 2012 I felt that I was ready to be less-intensely focused on photography, but it wasn’t until the the middle of 2013 that I finally made the shift. Last year I wrote 175 articles on this photography blog, but this year I felt a growing desire to write about topics which are both more important and have eternal value.

So rather than take thousands of photos, and write hundreds of photography articles, I've been devoting much of my time and energy to my Brian’s Bits and Your Islamic Future Web sites.

For Brian’s Bits I have written 45 articles this year, with the most popular article being Thoreau On Owls with over 2,400 views! For Your Islamic Future I wrote 43 articles in 2013, with the most popular article being Seeking Martyrdom with over 560 views.

Even in this low-key photographic year I managed to write 80 articles relating to photography — the most popular being Olympus OM-D E-M1: Big Brother or Successor? with nearly 2,000 views. That bringing my total for the year on all three Web sites to a respectable 168 — which is writing almost one article every-other day. Regarding readers, at this point, for all three Web sites, I’m averaging about 1,100 article views per day!

I still love my Olympus OM-D E-M5 camera and Micro Four Thirds lens kit, and I still plan on taking pictures in 2014. But for now photography is merely simmering on the back burner, while I focus my energies on a “higher calling.” That is what I will be concentrating on for the foreseeable future, but like all seasons, this one too will one day come to an end, and my focus will shift once again to the next task.
Brian's Photo Blog — Article 296
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